Childrens' Rights

The Rights of the Child

1. The right to equality regardless of race, colour, sex, religion or nationality.
2. The right to a name and nationality.
3. The right to adequate housing, nutrition and medical services.
4. The right to free primary school education.
5. The right to be protected from work and anything that may stop them from going to school and be harmful to health.
6. The right to rest and play.
7. The right to love, understanding and protection.
8. The right to special care and treatment if disabled.
9. The right to be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and abuse.
10. The right of children to have all the help they need to recover from neglect, cruelty or abuse and return to a safe place.
11. The right of Indigenous children to enjoy their own culture, religion and language.
12. The right to be protected in times of war and conflict.
13. The right to be among the first to receive aid and relief in times of disaster.
14. The right to seek refugee status and receive appropriate protection and assistance. Efforts should be made to reunite the family.
15. The right to freedom. No child shall be imprisoned unlawfully

February 27 2007


yasamin said...

student of Bibi Maryam high school i Takharprovence

my topic is a bout the child right in our country
as u know the child is really the basic new generation in our country
we oughtto pay more attention for childs and also the the childe must train in good moral from side of thier parents and also the goverment in internal foundation must pay mor attention for child because to day our child need to be trained to special method
and also some foreigen foundatin like UNCIF has done many significant and im portant thing for child .
and i hope that our covernment should pay more attention for chil

farima said...

fist of all we are really happy from helper this program which connected us with our young peole in round of Afghanistna and they provided facilaties for us to excahnge our Ideas about every things .
in my Idead chilred has good rights , like making facilateis for them , protection of them from hard working, provention from violence action over the child , encuarage them for doing thier good activities in any section .

shamail said...

my name is shanail iam class ten in school my school name is nember one high school iam so happy today for this porgram
as you konw that the childs most to respectfull our country .child have to spend agreat time for learn konwledge have to complet
and slso the child should trained to special method be cause the child is the builder the country in the future from that point it is need to train the basic point
up to our country child able to have good life in thier life.