Student's drawing dedicated to International Women's Day in Afghanistan - Kabul

Human Rights is a concept which has been drawing everyone’s attention for years, and it encourages all people - old, young, women, men, and children, to fight for the recognition and protection of their rights. Children in Afghanistan have never had their rights recognized, and moreover, protected and are still being treated in an inhumane way; they are often punished in schools and homes. In drawing classes children often draw the pictures they have in their minds, pictures closely related to the issues of human rights and they are trying to do their best to make the drawing as real as possible. GCEP Afghanistan held drawing competition dedicated to the International Women’s Day. It is a well know fact that women’s rights and their establishment is a great issue in Afghanistan, and women mostly do not have any education, are illiterate, and their capabilities to work, and play an active role in socio-political sphere of their communities are limited. The main goal of this event is to highlight the importance of the women’s rights in the country - raise the role of women in Afghan society, show our recognition and respect towards them, and especially recognize all Afghan women, who went through years of war and all the related hardship and poverty. Drawing classes were conducted in all GCEP Internet Learning Cenetrs in Takhar, Jalalabad, Kabul, also at “Ahseyana” Kabul center and Family Welfare Focus Center for deaf children in Kabul. “Asheyana” center was established for street children who don’t attend schools since they are from poor families that cannot afford it, and who need to work full-time to help their parents. However, these children come to the center for a few hours after their work and study. The students of schools from three provinces took part in the event, and in their drawings they depicted peaceful life of their mothers and sisters, their favorite teachers, and all women in Afghanistan. We have received a number of wonderful drawings, which will be placed at TTC in Kabul, as well as the program website, you can watch each of these pictures in bellow.

Students Drawing Pictures from Kabul

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